Akuapem Coffee Growers Association(ACGA)

The Coffee Industry

Coffee was introduced to the country in the 18th century, at the same time as cocoa. For many years, Ghana was a competitive and thriving producer of coffee but it abandoned the crop in the 1980s, during to several internal factors but most importantly, due to the global collapse in the price of coffee.

Ghana’s coffee industry has suffered a dry spell over the last 20 years. However, recent government initiatives, coupled with investment and a new crop if innovative entrepreneurs is quickly changing the story for coffee production in Ghana.


Most coffee grown in Ghana is Coffea canephora or Robusta, which flourishes at lower elevations and warmer temperatures than Arabica. Therefore, peak elevation points in Ghana’s standing about 400 meters above sea level, in conjunction with a warm tropical climate, is the model requirements for growing Robusta.

The Eastern Region, followed by five others, are areas where coffee is widely farmed. Welcome to the Akuapem Coffee Growers Association, the umbrella cooperative of Akuapem Coffee!