The Akuapem Coffee Growers Association was founded by Entrepreneur John Nana Addo Francois with its official registration in 2020. The Association was created to serve as an independent, non-governmental organisation to represent the interests of all actors in the coffee value chain based in the Akuapem districts of Akuapem South , Akuapem North and Okere.

The foundations of the association however precede it’s official registration. John Francois established a small processing plant in Akropong Akuapem under his trading company Asili Coffee Purveyors Ltd in 2018 whilst planting coffee in the same year to serve as a model farm to attract other participants in the Akuapem area in the future. After a year of promoting, what would be coined the Akuapem Coffee Initiative, the project gathered enough momentum for John Francois to work with the Akuapem North Municipal Assembly to ensure that Akuapem was added to the catchment area for coffee in the Planting for Export and Rural Development Program.

The program served as a platform for the mass introduction of coffee via free seedlings into Akuapem North initially in 2019 then subsequently Akuapem South and Okere from 2020 onwards. After the disbursement and positive uptake of seedlings, John Francois rallied the participants together, touting the need for unity to ensure strength as a producer group and cooperation towards the common goal of placing the Akuapem area on the map as a producer of excellent coffee. The Association’s official launch took place at the Akuapem North Municipal Assembly in 2020 with the support of Local Government and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Akuapem Coffee Growers Association notes increased interest in coffee in it’s communities and is gradually growing it”s member base, with Akuapem considered a small coffee producing area as at 2021. The group operates in a democratic manner, with group members populated by a diverse range of individuals ranging from peasant farmers , caffeine enthusiasts to companies with large scale commercial ambitions. The hope of all, being that over the coming decades, the vision for coffee to be a lynchpin of economic prosperity in the Akuapem area for coffee participants and other stakeholders will be fulfilled.