Akuapem Coffee Growers Association(ACGA)

Capacity Building & Sustainability

Formal training program and development of manual.

  • Best practices and techniques in the cultivation of coffee. Training shall cover yield management, planting and plant row systems, weeds maintenance, irrigation, pest control, harvesting and storage.
  • Training in Health, Safety, and Environmental guidelines.
  • Develop and document standards of operating procedure including process of daily adherence and accountability. The standards should meet global certification protocols.
  • Identification of training service provider.
  • Grouping of Association members into teams per lot. The idea is to facilitate an intimate trainer:student environment for deeper understanding and monitoring for desired results.
  • Training of staff using hands-on and needed theory concepts.

Creation of subject matter experts and champions within the staff for each of the topical areas.

Effort by the Association is to ensure:

  • Have fully trained farmers equipped with relevant technical skills and know how in pineapple cultivation.
  • Have well documented standard operating procedures that sustains our certifications long term.
  • Be competitive and have the capability to expand into export markets in Europe in line with our goals.
  • In the short-term, Akuapem shall become a center of excellence to transfer skills and knowledge to coffee growers across Ghana.