Benefits of ACGA Membership

ACGA aims at providing its members with a wide range of services to its members, in line with the association's objectives. These include:

1. Provide Networking opportunities for members through various activities such as networking events, trade fairs, webinars and other special events.

2. Coordinating trade opportunities on behalf of and for the benefit of members.

3. Facilitating seedling distribution to members with farms.

4. Facilitating policy dialogue on coffee related issues on behalf of the members and stakeholders in the coffee trade.

5. Provision of literature (policies, regulations, news) and industry and trade information to members considered as critical to the trade activities of the members.

6. Coordination of training and development activities to enhance the various levels of skills of members to enable them contribute to the trade on a national and international level.

7. Provision of technical advice on coffee related matters in the value chain.

8. Facilitating programmes aimed at enhancing the quality of Akuapem Coffee including monitoring of members adherence to all national and international guidelines and policies.

9. Promoting Akuapem Coffee

10. Access to post harvest services.

11. Access to free warehousing.